Posterior Lumbar Fusion

Citrus Spine Institute performs surgery to restore spinal alignment and relieve back and leg pain. See how we can help improve the quality of your life.

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What Is Posterior Lumbar Fusion?

A posterior lumbar spinal fusion is normally performed because of degenerative changes, herniated discs or metastatic processes that create back and leg pain. The procedure permanently joins together two or more vertebral bodies in the spine, restoring alignment and preventing further damage to the spinal cord and the nerves. By way of a small incision, the spinal cord and nerves are decompressed. The unhealthy disc space is shaved out and interbody spacers are inserted to restore proper disc height. The interbody spacers are filled with bone graft. The fusion area is normally immobilized by titanium rods and screws. After six months to a year, the bone graft joins the vertebral bodies together, forming one solid bone.

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The Citrus Spine Difference

For us, the patient remains the king, in everything that we do.


Dr. Toumbis has been performing surgeries for more than 15 years and has successfully performed more than 10,000 spine surgeries. 


Our standards are high.  The majority of the implants we use in our patients are designed and made in the USA.


Patient safety is of the upmost important to us.  A board-certified neurologist monitors our cases to further ensure patient safety and our integrative surgical team assists Dr. Toumbis during surgical procedures. 


We’re affiliated with the North American Spine Society, keeping current on advances in spinal health, as well as other prestigious medical societies. 

What to Know Before Posterior Lumbar Fusion

Citrus Spine Institute, in collaboration with the hospital, highly recommends patients attend the Spine Academy Program prior to surgery. This program discusses details of the procedure, hospital stay and postoperative recovery, and answers many frequently asked questions. Patients normally wear a lumbar spine brace for the first 4-6 weeks for all out of bed activities to help facilitate healing. Postoperative limitations are restricted to no heavy lifting, pushing and pulling more than 5 pounds initially and then gradually increased.


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