Finding Relief for Low Back Pain

Low back pain can interfere with everyday activities and severely limit quality of life. Determining the underlying causes can be the first step toward successful treatment and pain relief.

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Back Pain Treatments

Treatment options for low back pain include surgical or non-surgical interventions. At Citrus Spine Institute, you and your provider will be able to discuss which option suits you best based on your diagnosis.  In order to limit the burden placed on patients and the healthcare system associated with extensive workups, treatment is often directed in a conservative manner.  Conservative treatment options include the use of anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxants, physical therapy, activity and lifestyle modifications, diet and exercises, bracing, core strengthening and, in some cases, injections.  Surgical options are numerous and depend on the patient's causative factors, diagnosis and underlying pathology contributing to their pain.  At Citrus Spine Institute, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you that takes into consideration your specific needs.

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It takes a doctor with experience treating back pain to determine if back surgery is right for you. Citrus Spine Institute offers both surgical and non-surgical approaches. Schedule an appointment today to learn how to reduce or eliminate back pain.

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