Finding Relief for Compression Fracture

In the case of a compression fracture, the patient typically experiences intense back pain that can radiate into the back muscles and flanks. Prompt treatment can help patients avoid a chronic condition.

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Compression Fracture Treatments

Treatment can involve conservative options with bracing, pain medication, and activity modification. However, these fractures can take several months to heal on their own and sometimes will not heal appropriately. They can also progress, causing permanent deformities and chronic pain if the appropriate intervention does not occur in a timely manner. Treatment typically includes kyphoplasty, a procedure that utilizes a balloon to “decompress” the compressed fracture and then bone cement to stabilize the fracture and alleviate pain.

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It takes a doctor with experience treating compression fracture to determine if surgery is right for you. Schedule an appointment today to learn how to reduce or eliminate compression fracture.

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